Two Time On2 World Salsa Champion Luis Aguilar will be teaching OPEN GROUP CLASSES in San Francisco. Assisting with the class we have the wonderful Holly Anne Alviar´╗┐ and many amazing dancers weekly.

Our focus is to teach a fun class filled with information that will simplify the art of salsa dancing for all levels. You are definitely in for a treat. We will be teaching the importance of timing, musicality, body movement, connection along with fun salsa shines/solo footwork and partnered turn sequences. We will help you develop your own style of dance with the information provided only in the class.

$15 per class or $20 for both ***CASH ONLY***
9-10PM - Salsa Footwork/Shines (All Levels)
10-11PM - Partner work & Turn Variations (All Levels)

Comfortable workout clothes & DANCE SHOES

Dance heels or jazz shoes (ONLY)

Cuban dance shoes or jazz shoes (ONLY)

NOTE: To avoid injury to the knees and ankles please DO NOT wear dance sneakers.

For more information, please send me a message or call me at (415) 203-3486.

Luis Aguilar
Couture Dance Alliance (Director)
Aguilar Dance Productions (Founder)

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