How to Defend Your Social Security Amount and Card

to be able to safeguard your Social Security card plus number from loss or identity theft, don’t carry the card of yours with you. Keep it in a safe place. Only take it along with you when you need it to work with a job, wide open a bank account, or perhaps get services from government agencies. And naturally, do not let others make use of your Social Security number (SSN) as their own.

If you lose your card, you have to apply for a replacement by filling out Form SS 5. Your brand new card is going to have the same number. You have to prove the identity of yours when requesting a replacement card. If you had been born outside of the U.S., you must provide evidence of your U.S. citizenship or even lawful immigration status. In the event that you’re not a U.S. citizen or even don’t have current lawful immigration status, you must prove that you have a valid non work reason for a new card.

If you have to correct and / or update information from your original Social Security history, you should complete a new Form SS-5 and submit supporting documents that verify the corrected info.

As an illustration, if the date of birth originally provided isn’t correct, you must provide a birth certificate or some other evidence of your age.

To change the name of yours, you have to show evidence of a legal name change. The evidence must find you by both your new and old names, and have info about you that could be compared with older records, including date of birth and parents’ names. If the proof of legal name change doesn’t provide sufficient info, additional proof will be requested. If you had been produced outside the U.S., you must offer proof of U.S. citizenship if not currently found on the record of yours, or perhaps present lawful immigration status.

The number of replacing Social Security cards you can get is limited to 3 per year, and 10 per lifetime. The SSA won’t count changes in legal name or even a restrictive legend (such as Not Valid for Employment) in finding out the boundaries. They may also grant exclusions on a case-by-case basis in case you can establish a requirement for a card beyond these limits. For social security cards , chances are you’ll obtain a letter from a public services agency stating that you have to show the card in order to receive benefits.

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