How to Do a Foot Massage

For all those out there who think a neck or body massage is the ideal way to soothe an aching and tired body, they ought to try out a foot massage. You can ask a friend to give you a foot massage, or perhaps give one to a buddy.

To begin, you have to wash your feet. To do this, you can soak your feet in Epsom salts, lavender or peppermint for approximately ten minutes. After this, you must dry them completely and pay attention to the area in between your toes. As jamu massage dry, you can use a soothing oil or lotion.

To start your foot massage, the masseuse will take 1 foot and massage the top of the foot with their thumbs. They ought to begin with slow firm stroking motions working their way from the feet to your ankles. When they get close to the ankles, they should follow the exact same route back to the feet. The strokes must be firm and slow, with less pressure on the feet.

Next they cup the heel of your foot. With the free hand, the masseuse needs to rotate the foot gently, first in an anticlockwise movement, then clockwise. It helps unwind and de-stress aching toes and ankle joints. The next place to work on is the soles of their feet. This starts at the base of the big toe, working their way to another toes and after that to the balls of your toes. An individual ought to take care when performing the massage, since you don’t wish to leave there with a foot injury. The massage ought to be gentle but firm. After all areas are worked on, your toes will have calmed down and you will feel generally relaxed.

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