Life Coaching – A Report on Life Coaching

Life Coaching can be a life changing experience for a lot of people. This report on life coaching will answer a few common questions that people have who are thinking about hiring a life coach.

What could I expect from a life coach?

A life coach focuses on you and you attaining your own goals. A life coach can help you achieve success, happiness and balance in your life.

How can a coach do so?

A life coach works with you helping to identify and establish goals. A life coach will help you clarify your values and make a personal vision for achievement. A life coach will allow you to prepare an action plan and will hold you accountable for taking action. Most coaches will hold 3-4 one-hour sessions a month. These sessions are usually done over the phone.

What is the difference between a certified coach and also a non certified coach?

That is a grey area since there’s no set standard of certification. Everyone can take one of many on line courses and eventually become”certified”. It is more important to find a coach with some life experiences and common sense. Most important find a coach you can trust and build a relationship.

How do I find the ideal coach?

All these are several ways to finding the right life coach. By Chicago life coach of mouthOnline using Google, The International Coaching Federation, neighborhood coaching groups. In any case you should contact at least three coaches. Most coaches offer a free”Discovery Homework”. This will give you a chance to have a sense of the coach’s design and help you select which coach is ideal for you.

Just how much do coaches charge?

Coaching fees vary from $100.00 to $1,000.00 and more a month. The average is about $300.00 per month. Usually you will have 3-4 one hour phone sessions per month. Between sessions the coach will provide you an activity to complete before the next semester. Avoid any coach that needs 3-4 months payment up front or needs you to sign a contract. You want to be able to end the coaching relationship if it does not work out.

What’s the best way to guarantee success?

First find the right coach for you. Second be amenable to fresh ideas, challenges and change. Be coachable and expect success.

I hope the above questions and answers help clarify the role a life coach can make on your life. The most crucial thing to remember about life coaching is your success lies inside you! A life coach will help you identify your own strengths and concentrate on goals that are important for you. But the last key to success is that you.

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