Proudly owning Your Personal Enterprise for Nuts People – Look at Your Head

If owning your own business sounds great to you, you have to examine your head before you do anything else. Owning your own company may be your fantasy, however there are some harsh realities you need to tackle also. If you genuinely need to create a sustainable, profitable business you want to put the proper foundation. Here are 7 questions you need to ask yourself.

Why would you like to do this?

Are you motivated by pleasure or pain? Do you wish to quit your job (pain)? Or do you want to travel the world (fun )? What picture of your future do you have? Are you doing this for your family? A charity? World peace? The work will probably be long and challenging, and you will need to maintain a vision of the future you dream about to keep you inspired.

How are you really going to make it function?

How much cash have you got? How much time can you realistically dedicate? What can you live off of until your business becomes profitable? Starting your own business will not guarantee you instant success.

How much money do you want to create?

This is the actual question. Be very specific and be sure you specify a number, while it is so much monthly or a lot per year. Set a goal for your company.

Which business chance if you pursue?

You have your personal value system and your own set of conditions. You need to specify the measurements you may use to assess all the business opportunities out there. This will allow you to cut through the sound and steer you towards owning your own company that you’re proud to tell your mom about.

Who is going to do exactly what?

You may start out as chief, cook and bottle washer, but do not plan it that way. Define the roles which are needed to operate your business, what activities each will perform and how long and techniques needed for each. Then and only then, start to put in names for each job. Your goal is to have your name get replaced in those boxes as quickly as possible.

Who will buy from you?

Define your target market, what they are searching for, and how you can assist them. Find out how to reach them and what this will cost in terms of advertising dollars. Learn about customer avatars.

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Get your company goals clear. List the activities required to reach them. Most importantly, be sure you and your staff are measuring the progress towards these targets on a regular basis. Do not fall in the trap of confusing company with advancement.

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